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Skynet Rwanda
SKYNET WORLDWIDE EXPRESS was established in 1972 with the head office base London UK. Started in 1998 in Rwanda and Burundi represented by BIG FIVE Ltd, SKYNET WORLD WIDE EXPRESS, is part of a complete dedicated network that stretches across 4 continents, providing the global business community with fast, reliable and secure express delivery to over 210 countries, and covers all four provinces in Rwanda and 30 Districts, each with independently operated and inter-connected branch offices, with set international standards and major gateways in Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Miami, Singapore and Sydney. We are in the business of providing high quality, customer friendly, flexible and fast courier service. Our services are tied with personal and pro-active “hand to hand” services enabled by our extensive network that covers all major lands and countries.
Corporate Objectives
Our corporate objective is to provide excellent customer driven services to our clients while maintaining a competitive edge on prices, maintaining good company image and protecting the environment in which we operate
Services Provided
We are in the business of offering fast and safe distribution of courier parcels and documents worldwide, our range including:


This service covers mainly regional deliveries including up country. With networked agents covering all upcountry regions, Provinces, Districts and personal assigned agent for your specific location, inclusive of:
  • Hand to hand pickup and delivery
  • 24 hour call services
  • Packaging
  • Time definite deliveries
  • Proof of delivery(POD)
  • Each urgent is equipped with all the necessities motorcycle, mobile phone to ensure time- defined services and delivery takes an average one hour within KGL and between 2-8 hours outside Kigali


    This service covers all your international courier requirements. The link with the major international and regional air flights enables a worldwide delivery and pick up system. Included in the package is Air Cargo facility for bulk cargo handling at international destinations, with special packaging for fragile, sensitive and dangerous goods. We handle Diplomatic Bags and dangerous goods with 24 hours all year real time online services that are full capable up to date tracking systems, services include:
  • Hand to hand priority pickup & delivery
  • Free of charge same day customs clearance
  • Special packaging for fragile, sensitive items and dangerous goods
  • 24/7 hours tracking system
  • Round trips – Delivery and return services for documents
  • and non-documents for passport, confidential documents etc.
  • Charge collect (consignee paid) facility for shipment imported from worldwide cities.
  • Free pickup for our clients


    SkyNet Rwanda has a varied fleet that includes vans, motorbikes and subscribers to airlines for international courier services of Rwanda Air, Kenya airways etc….SkyNet Rwanda connects with its African & international hubs by the use of regional and international air flights through our national offices for our African destinations and South Africa and United Kingdome for our respective international countries.


    SkyNet Rwanda provides special services to our clients inclusive of;
  • Real time tracking system
  • Provision of Proof of delivery(POD) for every shipment sent through us
  • Charge collect payment upon delivery
  • Twice a day pick up and delivery for East Africa countries
  • Protective water proof bags
  • Boxes to be used for heavier parcels
  • Shipping document for each mail (courier) to be sent
  • Packaging
  • Flexible billing structure to suite your accounting procedures
  • Personal assigned agent for your courier needs


    Our partners in local and international courier services include NGO’s, government institutions, Banking institutions, insurance companies; telecommunication companies, Mineral Companies,Tea & Coffee processors, Embassies and consulates,learning institutions, hotels, and walking in clients.
    Shifting Services
    1.Capacity of keeping confidentiality of the CLIENT

    Confidentiality is our major professional ethics that guide all the staff and shifting agents of SkyNet Worldwide Express. In order to facilitate the implementation of this critical and valuable asset we have among ourselves, the following have to be done accordingly:
  • The SkyNet Worldwide Express’s policy is to handle all assets s as delicate and use hand to hand approach for all shifting processes.
  • Special Instructions are provided on all delivery sheets for the recipient to check the contents of the assets before accepting it, if the assets have been broken or damaged.
  • Sky Net shall assign particular agents to handle the Client's Assets in order to ensure responsibility and liability for all distributions.

  • 2. Capacity to shift the requested deliverable (s) from Client's offices and deliver them to the new designated office (s)

    SkyNet Worldwide Express has a dedicated network of local delivery agents stationed within Kigali town and our network offices guarantee that your assets deliverables are handled and delivered hand to hand to your new offices in order to ensure that all deliverables are shifted efficiently and effectively as required and according to estimated time frames. To ensure CLIENT that all deliverables are made properly, the following method has been initiated:
  • The SkyNet Worldwide Express agents assigned to Client, Shall work hand in hand with Client office plan manager to shift all available deliverables. As requested and complete the re-assemble new furniture to the CLIENT offices as required.
  • A Proof of Delivery (POD) document shall be given to CLIENT for all deliverables shifted and delivered.
  • Upon receipt of the deliverables, the recipient of the deliverables shall complete the proof of delivery (POD) document indicating his/her name, receiving time and date and SkyNet agent will promptly bring it to CLIENT.Immediately or the proof of delivery (POD) achieved in accordance to your needs.
  • Customs Clearance Services
    SKYNET WORLDWIDE EXPRESS offers a full range of Customs services for both Import and Export transactions. Most SKYNET WORLDWIDE EXPRESS locations operate one or more Customs regimes from LCP to DEP, from ERTS to WAREHOUSING and NCTS consignor/consignee approvals for receipt or dispatch under Transit procedures.
    We have trained staff and a series of experts to hand for specific Customs matters incl. Customs Warehousing, IPR, OPR, NCTS, NES , PCC, CFSP.
    SKYNET WORLDWIDE EXPRESS can guide you through complex regulations and offer best practice guidance and a range of solutions to all your Customs needs. Services are available across all airports.
    Out of Courier Services
    BIG FIVE LIMITED leading company in the global market for the product sold through a worldwide network of authorized dealer partners eg: Africa, Europe, America, Asia and Oceania. BIG FIVE LIMITED brand stands for innovation, value and customer orientation.

    Majoring in supply of different goods e.g (Tenders for Government and Private institutions), we have gained a wealth of experience over the years, working with various and diverse business institutions and organizations that demand varied requirements and standards. Our flexible systems and dedicated staff have enabled us meet our objectives while achieving customer satisfaction.
    The main mission of the company is to supply different products and provide the high quality of service by respecting customer requirements.
    Our discounted, competitive and business friendly tariffs are available on request.